It’s simple. Sort of. We’re perfectionists!

We do things differently at Dulce Vida. We make tequila the way that tequila has always tasted best: pure and authentic. We do not contract with a distillery for the purchase of liquid. We are completely vertically integrated, ranging from working with the community of agave farmers, distillation management, and aging in our own barrels.
Our attention to detail and complete involvement result in a truly spectacular product.




Our Blue Weber Agave plants are approximately 5’ tall and take nearly 8 years to mature.  When the agave is at the pinnacle of sweetness and ready for harvest, Jimadors use a sharp, long-handled tool called a “coa” to cut the leaves from the agave plant.  After this, you’re left with the heart of the agave called a “pi?a” which can weigh up to 200 pounds.  We specifically test the agave plants prior to harvest for maturity and degrees brix, a measure of sugar content.  Additionally, our Jimadors trim the pi?as very tight, eliminating off-flavors associated with the agave plant spines.  The attention to detail in the selection and harvest of plants is important, setting our foundation for an exceptional tequila.




Our agave pi?as are slow-roasted in stainless steel autoclaves for approximately 20 hours.  This ensures consistent cooking while allowing bitter extracts to be separated and discarded, creating a sweet aroma and rich flavor.  The cooking process converts the carbohydrates of the pi?as into fermentable sugars for our all important fermentation.




After the cooking process is complete, our pi?as are milled and rinsed. The by-product of this milling is “must”, a sweet liquid or honey water. Ready for fermentation, our craftsmen add our yeast strain for our open-air fermentation performed at ambient temperatures.  This step is not rushed – we take our time.  We do not add heat to speed up the process.  The result is a complete, robust fermentation yielding a high quality alcohol ready for distillation.




Distillation is part art and part science – Our Master Distiller, Carlos Jurado, has years of experience in creating unmistakably balanced tequila with aromatic and taste profiles that are truly superb.  The art of separation of the “heart of the distillation” from the “heads & tails” is a critically important step in the creation of our award winning tequila with a purity validated through scientific measurement…




Dulce Vida’s tequilas are made in small batches. The Reposado and A?ejo are single-barrel aged in American Bourbon Whiskey barrels, achieving rich amber colors and unique full-bodied flavors with hints of barrel wood alongside the delicate agave flavors. Our Reposado is aged for 11 months and our A?ejo for 24 months.




All Dulce Vida tequilas are made in small batches. Each bottle is washed and then filled with our award winning tequila. Next, each bottle is visually inspected for any impurities. Every cork and label is applied by hand.
Finally, our craftsmen number each bottle with its batch number.